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Our Telecommuting Website Design and Website Marketing specialist at david media solutions serve hundreds of Arizona businesses each day with their Web-Presence needs. david media solutions is an Arizona based business understanding the unique needs of both rural and urban Geo-demo-graphic businesses in having a successful internet presence. Our staff members serve on Teams focusing on specific areas of service. From creation, marketing and servicing your business or organization website, we’re there for you 24/7/365. david media solutions has unparalleled website support with a current 95% client retention rate over the past (13) years.

Website Design, Brand Development, Web-Presence, Marketing and GeoTargeting. All required of our staff professionals trained and experienced in the coalescing of rural and urban thought. Because we specialize in local Internet and Marketing development for businesses in rural, crossover and urban marketplaces. We offer a merger of ideas and trends from both worlds, delivering an effective website every time.

We thank you for considering david media solutions as your Website Designer and Internet Marketing provider. There’re many companies to choose from. david media solutions would like to discuss the Benefits and Features of our services.

Either call us at (888) 950-4923 or fill-out our QUICK QUOTE FORM (For Websites over 15+ pages) or Contact Form for immediate assistance.


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david media solutions has an in-house staff of professional graphic designers, photographers, content writers and social media experts. That aside, we're unparalleled in our support and website maintenance services (After publishing your website), then by anyone else in the industry. Our Admin staff includes (53+) years of Internet and conventional marketing experience working with businesses in rural and urban markets. More...

Website Marketing Arizona business websites by david media solutions offers Arizona businesses an opportunity to have a great Internet presence. 888-950-4923

As a small business owner, you know the need to have a website. But building your online presence to attract more customers doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately, just because you build a website doesn’t mean Internet traffic will come to visit. It takes Internet Marketing to ensure your site is seen by the largest number of prospective clients.

At Media DUCK Global we know you don’t have the time and resources to market your business online and that’s why we do it for you. We take a three-pronged approach that consists of both conventional and unconventional ideas, concepts and strategies. More...

Client Benefits

* A Custom Website as unique as your business
* 24/7 Maintenance (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* 24/7 Support (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* Excellent Customer Service
* Budget Conscience
* Experienced Rural Business Specialists
* Urban & Rural Coherence
* Synergized Marketing
* Monthly Site Analytics/Analysis (In-person or Phone)
* Increased Sales
* FREE B2B Consulting (40 years Conventional & Digital)
* Centralized Services (Design-Hosting-Marketing...)

* Local Personalized Service and Support

* Personal Accountability
* Knowledgeable Staff (book smart - street smart) smart people
* We Offer, a good ear, patience and understanding


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